How MoveBooker works with your website

How MoveBooker works with your website

With a MoveBooker account, you'll get access to a basic set of instructions that you can implement on your Moving Company's website or share with the team/person that manages your site for you.

Here is an example image of the installation instructions you might receive

MoveBooker installation instructions

In summary, you need to add a single line of "javascript" code to any existing Moving Website. The process takes no time and requires just a bit of technical skill. If you need any help with this setup, contact our team via live chat and we can walk you through the steps and help you get it done.

Now, the code is on your website, what happens next?

A MoveBooker prompt appears!

The MoveBooker Prompt

Without having to do anything else, a MoveBooker prompt will appear on the bottom right of your website. It also displays an optional welcome greeting with an option to display a picture of a friendly face from your company. This creates an instant way for your customers to request bookings from you without any extra effort. A sample MoveBooker prompt is  embedded in this article so you can see for yourself

So, what happens when a prospective customer clicks on the booking prompt?

Welcome to the MoveBooker Experience

The MoveBooker experience

Once the MoveBooker prompt is clicked, the MoveBooker experience appears immediately on your website without your customers having to ever leave your website. The experience guides your customers through the necessary questions about their move and shows them pricing information for booking or provides options to schedule a booking. Learn more about how MoveBooker handles pricing here

This provides Moving companies with the fastest route to online bookings without having to make a single change to their websites.

But wait, there's more. One super cool feature is the ability to launch MoveBooker from existing "links" that exist on your website. For example on Moving websites, links and buttons that say things like "Get a quote", "Request estimate", "Reserve your move" already exist. With MoveBooker, you get a personalized booking url like where "demo" would identify your company. By pointing any links on your website to that url, the MoveBooker code will be able to detect the click and open the MoveBooker booking experience.  Click here to see how any ordinary click can popup MoveBooker

This means all the great work you've done to create attractive buttons, links and calls to action on your website can further enhance the ways your customers can get into MoveBooker and start booking.

You can sit back and watch all the booking activity of your website's visitors in the MoveBooker Live Stream in your admin console in real time.

Admin live stream view of MoveBooker

Interested in effortless online move bookings? Start a free MoveBooker trial here .