Why your moving company's online form sucks

Why your moving company's online form sucks

Online "contact us" / "get quote" forms are terrible. Let me just start with that.

How many times have you visited a company's website, filled out an online form with the hope of getting great service and then... nothing happens. It's not just you, Since forms were invented for websites decades ago, they've become the graveyard of hope.

You might think this does not affect your own moving company. After all, you provide a great service and you and your team take every effort to respond quickly to requests. The problem here is that your visitors and potential customers have  been conditioned to expect poor responses so either they don't bother filling out the forms online or even if they do, they won't expect or even check for email responses.

According to research by Studio yellow published on UX Collective - an independent design publication, only 15.4% of respondents prefer using contact us forms to engage with companies. Here a a few excerpts from the study's responders:

I never know if contact forms actually work, whereas e-mail is very reliable (will get a bounce if not delivered).
I usually don’t trust contact forms, if they actually do send an e-mail or not.
Will it end up in an inbox that is open to everyone in the company and nobody thinks it’s their responsibility to answer it? Or will it get lost somewhere and no one will actually know that it was sent?

Yet, this is the primary mode that moving companies use to start the sales and lead conversion process. To be fair, this is because moving quotes and estimates have been historically more difficult to estimate and moving companies often don't have a choice.

So, how else can Moving companies engage their prospects on their website. One option is the use of live chat where prospects can inquire about service options and quotes in real time and have a sales rep respond and provide service. This option is viable but has the drawback of requiring multiple well trained sales reps to be available 24x7 to answer questions and provide quotes.

We took this idea of live interaction with a human touch and crafted a moving industry first: a digital move booking agent that is embeddable on moving websites and called it MoveBooker during the height of the pandemic in 2020 as the world started getting used to the idea of online commerce.

Move Booking with a human touch

MoveBooker takes our experience working with moving companies over the last 8 years and helps moving companies automate the quoting and booking process from end to end by presenting a question and answer style interface to moving prospects and guides them to getting real instant estimates with booking options in real time. This is all done without the need to have 24 x 7 sales rep coverage. We are glad to invite moving companies around the world to give it a try with a free trial at getmovebooker.com

MoveBooker dashboard