MoveBooker, all grown up

MoveBooker, all grown up

MoveBooker began as a smart and simple way for movers to provide instant estimates and online bookings. Now, a year later, it continues to evolve into a moving sales booking platform with features that make it a smarter and simpler alternative to traditional moving company CRMs/software we're all used to.
Last month, we announced improvements to the MoveBooker instant estimate and online booking flows to support add-ons like packing, storage, liability/coverage options and smart room based inventory lists

This week, we've launched custom email templates with custom triggers so movers can better automate their sales messaging flows based on any actions moving prospects make on your websites or MoveBooker account.

We've also released admin features that make MoveBooker not just an add-on but an alternative to the traditional moving company CRMs that exist today.

Coming up in a couple of weeks, we will be releasing a smarter simpler workflow to get estimates sent to customers and approved in 1-2 clicks. We're also introducing smarter custom move booking time slots so prospects can better indicate their desired moving time windows

But that's just the beginning, we can't wait to share what's coming down the pipeline beyond that to make the selling process much easier for movers.

We're always looking to get more feedback, so if you'd like to join our movement, please jump in and start a free trial account at and let me know what you think